Woomera & Ohakune

From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionWoomera
Distance from Primary1.05 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites2
Day Length25h 01min
Surface Gravity1.13g
Mean Temperature18C°
Surface Water75%
Age3.1 billion years
Nations (2185)ANZAC Union
Demographics (2185)321 million
Geophysical Data
System PositionOhakune
Distance from Primary0.94 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites1
Day Length24h 55min
Surface Gravity0.98g
Mean Temperature14C°
Surface Water82%
Age3.2 billion years
Nations (2185)ANZAC Union
Demographics (2185)376 million

Woomera and Ohakune are two systems less than four light years apart, settled in 2176 by settlers from Australia and New Zealand during the First Exodus. They have quickly formed a federal democratic nation between the two worlds, called the ANZAC Union, and have remained in contact through their four Aquila Class primitive Jumpships. About 50 percent of the population of Woomera are Aboringnes, while more than 75% of Ohakune's population are Maori.

While their technological capabilities dropped to a 1970s level, they retained the technology to repair and overhaul their jumpships and build new DropShuttles to supply their jumpships. Two of these jumpships have been retrofitted with heavy weapons and nuclear tipped missiles to successfully defend their systems against pirate raids, while simple jump point defense platforms add to this protection.

As their jumpships are primarily used for communication and defense, they are largely isolationist in nature, through they did wish that they could open contact with nearby settlements.