From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionWashington
Distance from Primary1.3 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites2
Day Length25h 12min
Surface Gravity1.07g
Mean Temperature9C°
Surface Water83%
Age4.1 billion years
Nations (2185)United Republic of Washington
Demographics (2185)754 million

Washington is also among the oldest settlements within 60ly around Sol, having been settled by Native Americans and Afro Americans during the 22nd century, both groups attempting to leave prosecution and politics of Terra behind. That both groups settled on the same world was mostly chance, but surprisingly they were able to complement each other, leading to a merging of their cultures into a new one, while keeping the 'American spirit' awake and founding a democratic nation based on the US constitution, where the President is elected every six years. Other than many known similar systems in the Inner Sphere, this system has not transformed into an hereditary system, though there are political families that do dominate Congress.

Other than most other worlds in the area, they managed to hold onto some of their advanced technology over the centuries, but are unable and/or willing to produce jumpships, while having several off world settlements throughout their system.

While there are pirate raids every now and again, most pirates decide to take on easier targets, as the Washington military is professionally trained and equipped.


  • Washington is a WCDC member nation.