Superluminal Wave Detector

From Growing Horizons

The Superluminal Wave Detector is an outgrowth of Hyperwave research after the creation of N Field Theory.

While Hyperwaves could be created naturally by Black Holes and other natural phenomena, any objects translating through Hyperspace with a Jump or translating and or out of Heim-Feynman Space. These waves can be detected over a considerable distance and are different for each method of FTL travel.

This led to the development of a passive Superlimunal Wave Detector, designed to detect the hyperwaves coming from these translation events and pinpoint their direction and distance.

While a single Superluminal Wave Detector is enough to accurately detect such an event over up to 30 lightyears of distance, at least two are needed for detections up to 62 lightyears, while no detection outside the 60 lightyear distance is possible.

As the detectors are comparably compact, they can easily be installed into satellites and buoys.