From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionSolidarność
Distance from Primary1.09 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites4
Day Length23h 36min
Surface Gravity1.11g
Mean Temperature10C°
Surface Water55%
Age3.4 billion years
Nations (2185)Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Demographics (2185)281 million

The world known as Solidarność, is a world perhaps the oldest of all worlds within 60 ly of Sol, as it has been colonized by a long range colony mission made up of Polish and Lithuanian settlers during the 22nd century, attempting to get as far away from Tera and the politics and even prosecution. Initially, both the Polish and Lithuanian settlers build their own settlements.

However, insufficient resources due to deficits in the planning from the initial settlement, the settlers had to cannibalize technology to repair other, slowly leading to a slow slide down to early industrial level technology as the settlers attempted to keep their technological knowledge alive. This was needed to fight against a species of semi-intelligent predators that called the world their home and decimated the settlers.

New settlements needed to be defended from these predators and the settlers needed to work together and the leaders of both major settlements, Warsow and Vilnius, began to use history, proclaiming a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth would be the only thing that could keep everyone alive. The democratic institutions of both settlements combined into a parliament, the Sejm. Initially the Sejm elected a president, but over the centuries, it became an elected kingship.

The military was strengthened to fight against the predator and occasional pirate raids. Neither of these threads lessened and even today, Commonwealth army forces are needed to drive into the planetary jungle to hunt down nests of the predator. The first pirate raids to hit the planet also introduced the concept of battlemechs to the Commonwealth, with the armed forces developing their own primitive battlemechs over the past two centuries.

The people of Solidarność were able to slowly claw their way back up the technological development tree, and they were able to develop to an early 21st century technology level, complete with space flight and several smaller bases on nearby celestial bodies.


  • Solidarność is a WCDC member world and has bought several Planetary Settlement Kits to upgrade their industrial capabilities.