From Growing Horizons
DesignerNewport Vesta Dockyards
TypeScout Craft, Planetary Defense Craft, Light Patrol Craft
Introduced2179 (3029)
  • WCDC
  • various national militaries
Unit Cost125 million US$
Technical Data
Mass1200 tonnes
Fuel100 tonnes
Thrust (safe/max)5g/7.5g
Cargo7 tonnes
Armor40 tonnes Advanced Composite Armor
FTL Drives
  • 1 officer, 5 crew, 1 AGI
  • up to 10 marines for patrol duty


The Sleipnir Scout and Planetary Defense Craft is one of the first spacecraft designed in the Three Systems that makes use of Inner Sphere technology. As such, it is one of the first spacecraft design to make use of an Inner Sphere Fusion Drive system and can reach accelerations of up to 5g over a longer duration and 7.5g for a short time. Additionally, it is the first to make use of Inner Sphere Heat Sink technology to support a pair of 100 m² thermal control wings that can be folded up behind armored doors in combat situations.

The Sleipnir has been developed by the Vesta branch of the Newport News shipyards following a Request for Designs by the WCDC Defense Council with the understanding that the design would be licensed to other dockyards for production. The basic framework of the Sleipnir is produced in a fabricator, producing a seamless skeleton frame of Carbon nanotube reinforced Ti-Al-Fe Alloy in a single operation, though each frame needs 24 days to print and a specialized fabricator. And while it is possible to fabricate an entire Sleipnir in situ, conventional production techniques are time and cost saving, so that a Sleipnir can be produced within 60 days in most dock yards.

One of the most compelling design choices made for the Sleipnir is the compact Heim-Feynman Event Generator, making it the smallest FTL capable spacecraft ever build, also capable of atmospheric flight and vertical landing. The Heim-Feynman Event Generator is capable of producing a Shrivatsa Mini Magnetosphere, increasing its protection to Particle Beam weaponry and capable of supporting a Smart Dust cloud for increased sensory resolution.

Additionally, the Sleipnir is one of the first space craft build with MIL-STD-102343 Standartized Weapon System Interfaces, so that any weapon and other system could quickly be replaced to suit the needs of the job, enabling to switch from one variant of the craft to another in less than half an hour with the correct infrastructure to facilitate these changes.

The main use of the Sleipnir is as cheap planetary defense craft, stationed on the surface of a planet or moon, where they can be scrambled in case of a pirate or other attack and intercept the opposing force and even take on its jumpships. Additionally, the Sleipnir sees use as scout craft and light patrol craft. Due to its speed and maneuverability (compared to conventional Inner Sphere dropships), the Sleipnir also sees use as anti-aerospace fighter spacecraft, with a 20 craft squadron of Sleipnirs able to intercept and defend against several times their number of aerospace fighters.

Additionally, the Sleipnir can carry external one shot pods with missiles up to Class IV, which gives the spacecraft a heavy initial punch capable of endangering Inner Sphere WarShips.

Usually, the Sleipnir is deployed as a squadron of 20 craft to any planetary defense setting, while single craft can operate as patrol and policing craft, as they are equipped with a passive drop ship collar, which only allows docking to jumpships, but preclude use of a judgeship for transportation. Later variants of the Sleipnir are equipped with a full active dropship collar and can be carried along by a jumpship.


  • Sleipnir NPV-12A AWACS
  • Sleipnir NPV-12B Bomber
  • Sleipnir NPV-12C Command Craft
  • Sleipnir NPV-12F Special Forces
  • Sleipnir NPV-12P Patrol Craft
  • Sleipnir NPV-12R Reconnaissance
  • Sleipnir NPV-12S Search & Reascue


Arc (Heat) Heat SRV MRV LRV ERV Class
RS/LS Wing (28 Heat)
2 155mm Coil Gun (turreted) 5 2(25) 2(25) 2(25) 2(25) AC
- 155mm Coilgun Ammo Ammo (400 shots)
1 50MW 300nm Laser Aperture 10 1(10) 1(10) 1(10) 1(10) Laser
1 75GeV Wakefield Particle Beam Projector 8 2(15) 2(15) 2(15) 0(0) PPC
1 5MW 450nm AMS Laser 4 1(7) 1(7) 0(0) 0(0) Pulse Laser
1 Dual 35mm Coil Gun AMS 1 0(3) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) AMS
- 35mm Coil Gun Ammo (1500 shots)
RS/LS Aft (10 Heat)
1 Class I Missile Bay 5 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) Artillery
- Class I Missile (15 shots)
1 15MW 450nm AMS Pulse Laser 4 1(7) 1(7) 0(0) 0(0) Pulse Laser
1 Dual 35mm Coil Gun AMS 1 0(3) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) AMS
- 35mm Coil Gun Ammo (1500 shots)
4 Hardpoints 0 0 0 0 0
One shot missile pods of varied classes
Electronic warfare equipment


  • 3000 shots 35mm Helical Railgun Ammo (7.5 tonnes)
  • 800 shots 155 Helical Railgun Ammo (16 tonnes)
  • 30 Class I missiles (15 tonnes)


  • Heim-Feynman Event Generator (continous FTL drive)
  • Smart Dust Dispenser w/ 100kg of 0.5mm³ Smart Dust
  • Small Smart Dust Fabricator (can replenish 100kg of 0.5mm³ Dust in four weeks)
  • Maintenance Fabricator (can build the majority of replacement parts and ammo)
  • High Bandwidth Laser Communication Suite
  • Multiple Distributed Computer Cores for AGI
  • 100MW Fusion Laser Core System