Santa Alvarez

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Santa Alvarez
Geophysical Data
System PositionSanta Alvarez
Distance from Primary0.89 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites1
Day Length23h 10m
Surface Gravity1.1g
Mean Temperature15C°
Surface Water59%
Age3.5 billion years
Nations (2185)
  • Nuevo Tejas
  • Grand Columbia
  • Hispanola
  • various others
Demographics (2185)
Nuevo Tejas 
132 million
Gran Columbia 
124 million
145 million
13 million

Santa Alvares is a world settled by settlers directly from various South American areas during the Age of War. Some settlers also came from the Carribian, Central America and Mexico.

However, ten years after the planet was settled, a civil war started, slowly breaking down the internal order and destroying some irreplaceable technology. The original settlements slowly coalesced into three large and about two dozen smaller nations with varied forms of governments. The three big nations are Nuevo Tejas, Gran Bolivar and Hispanola, and they have been in varied stages of cooperations or war over the past centuries. Currently they find themselves in a cold war, as all three have managed to re-develop nuclear weapons around the same time.

So far, their nuclear weapons have been only used once, in an airburst in the upper atmosphere, heavily damaging a pirate dropship, which subsequently impacted in the ocean and sunk into one of its deepest parts.

The world managed to keep itself at a 1960s level of technology, while the governments vary from a liberal democracy for Nuevo Tejas, to a full hereditary dictatorship for Hispanola.


  • In the early 3030s a Pirate Attack on Santa Alvarez destroyed the capital city of Hispanola completely and killed its government, leading to Nuevo Tejas and Gran Bolivar to pick over the remains.