Planetary Settlement Kit

From Growing Horizons

A Planetary Settlement Kit is an Open Source piece of fabricated Hardware, based on the early 21st century Civilization Starter Kit.

The Planetary Starter Kit is contained within a 5000 tonne landing craft that can be relatively easily transported to a different planet and is able to survive reentry.

Additional to the Hardware and supplies carried by the Planetary Settlement Kit, ist's computer systems provide a database of common open source hard and software to be able to quicly jumpstart a settlement and supply it with hard and software to rapidly make it self sufficient.


Fabricator Subsystem:

   * ALI control system
   * 2x Mendel XL 8000 Fabricator (8000m3)
   * 4x Mendel XL 1000 Fabricator (1000m3)
   * 12x Mendel  M 1000 Fabricator (1m3)
   * 36x Mendel S 1000 Fabricator (1l)
   * 4x Mendel D Smart Dust Fabricator
   * Capable of fabricating an entite Fabricator Subsystem in 30 days


   * 4x Bulldozer
   * 4x 25t 4x4 Truck
   * 2x 25t Mobile Crane
   * 10x 4x4 Cars
   * 2x 4x4 Busses
   * 4x Tractor


   * Varies
   * 1000x Sattelite Stratolink Constellation (combined planetery observation and communication)

Building Supplies:

   * Barracks style housing for 100 families
   * 10km power and data distribution conduits
   * 10km fresh and brown water piping
   * Water 
   * 100MW fusion reactor

Other supplies:

   * Food for one year
   * Medical supplies for two years