From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionPandemonium
Distance from Primary0.76 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites1
Day Length31h 34min
Surface Gravity1.2g
Mean Temperature24C°
Surface Water5%
Age5.4 billion years
Nations (2185)various tribal nations
Demographics (2185)64 million

Pandemonium was settled in the early 2350s by English settlers from various cities in the former United Kingdom on Terra. While they did realize Pandemonium was a desert world, they believed that living on that world was better than living under the thumb of the Terran Hegemony. With the realization that the planet could support life through its many oases, rivers and lakes, the settlers broke off into various groups that settled at various places.

During the first decades after settlement their used and sub par technology slowly failed, but they managed to keep themselves alive as they lost contact slowly. Some deserts animals could be tamed and over time some splinter groups broke off from their original settlements and became nomadic, moving from settlement to settlement, developing a caravan based communication and trade system.

Over time the various groups developed tribal structures, with the fixed settlements housing several tribes, some of them semi-permanently.

Eventually some technology was rediscovered and by now telegraph lines span the planet for closer communication and three simple rail lines connecting close oasis.

The technology level of Pandemonium is comparable to the early 1830s, with some off advanced technology surviving.

The government is a Concil of Tribes.


  • The people of Pandemonium all speak heavy Cockney.