From Growing Horizons

MIL-STD-102343 is a military standard for a varied number of tasks developed in the 2180s and 90s, allowing for the use and development of Standardized System Interfaces.


MIL-STD-102343A is the original Standardized Weapon Systems Interface to be developed and implemented. It standardizes for specific designs for hardware attachments, data, energy and opritcal interfaces and the ease of removal and replacement of weapon systems.

This standard has been developed to allow repairs and replacement of weapon systems in the field and to rapidly modify a combat vehicle to the given situation on the ground.

MIL-STD-102343A allows, for example, to replace the 155mm Coil Guns of the Sleipnir scout craft with the more powerful 155 Helical Railgun system, within one hour and have the device driver software directly integrate itself with the fire control software of the spacecraft.


MIL-STD-102343B is a further development of MIL-STD-102343A as the Standardized Ground Weapon System Interface. MIL-STD-102343B shares many of the components with MIL-STD-102343A, allowing some inter-compatibility of Aerospace weaponry with ground weaponry.


MIL-STD-102343C is another development of MIL-STD-102343A and MIL-STD-102343B, as a general Standardized Systems Interface. This is not specially designed for weapon systems, but for all remaining systems that can be integrated into any combat vehicle, may it be a ground or aerospace vehicle.

Systems falling under the sub interfaces of MIL-STD-102343C are reactors, propulsion, informational systems, and armor.