Llyn Ogwen

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Llyn Ogwen
Geophysical Data
System PositionLlyn Ogwen
Distance from Primary1 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites2
Day Length25h 56min
Surface Gravity0.94g
Mean Temperature14C°
Surface Water76%
Age3.1 billion years
Nations (2185)Llyn Ogwen Gwladwriaeth Rydd
Demographics (2185)391 million

Settled in 2467 by refugees from Cavanaugh II fleeing from the conflict between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth, the people of Llyn Ogwen have strongly identified themselves by their Welsh heritage and Welsh language. While there were a few jumpships that carried the refugees, the initial settlement was of less than four thousand people and only a few dropships.

Over the centuries, they slowly expanded on their new world, settling almost the entirety of the continent of Gwynnedd. While the population has retained a few advanced technologies, these come sorely from traders that visit the world now and again. Most of that technology is needed to make their lives easy on the planet, as it does not have much farmable land, leaving food production heavily dependent on pasture and the sea.

Llyn Ogwen is also under regular attack from pirates. While Llyn Ogwen can field a small professional army, they are unable to field any Battlemechs and are limited to simple light tank with primitive armor and primitive guns for their own defense. And in most cases are unable to react to the actual landings fast enough and only once within the past hundred years it could intercept a pirate raiding party with aerial forces and damage a Battlemech. This led to the razing of the city of Dyfed by the pirates.

The technology level of Llyn Ogwen can be compared to the 1980s.

The government of Llyn Ogwen is a representative democracy.