Hyperwave Transceiver

From Growing Horizons

The Hyperwave Transceiver is a technology that makes use of Hyperwaves postulated after the creation of N-Field Theory, which involved waves transversing N dimensional space at superluminal speeds. While there are many natural sources of hyperwaves, like Black Holes and other natural phenomenons, they can be artificially created.

The Hyperwave Tranceiver makes use of this, being able to create artificial hyperwaves that can be received by another transceiver. While any initial design would only have been able to generate omnidirectional hyperwaves in narrow frequency bands, later design models made use of active phased arrays to enable directional transmissions on full power, allowing to boost the range, wave velocity and transmission speed. Additionally, it also allowed making use of multiple frequency bands and broad band frequency hopping to improve signal quality.

The currently utilized Hyperwave Tranceiver is capable of directional transmissions over up to 750 lightyears, at a propagation speed of 100000 times the speed of light and a transmission speed of 10Mbit/s. This means a message would need to travel 2.74 days to reach a 750 ly distance transceiver. This makes use of the APP unfeasible and usually Long Range Hyperwave Transceiver connections make use of a modified version of the connection less User Datagram Protocol, UDP.