High Velocity Kinetic Energy Weapons

From Growing Horizons

High Velocity Kinetic Energy Weapons are a further development of conventional ballistic projectile weapons in use on Earth for multiple centuries, replacing explosive propellants with magnetic forces. Two variants of these weapons exist, the Railgun and the Coilgun.

Both types of weapons have been developed during the first decades of the 21st century and allowed much higher projectile velocities of up to 10000 m/s. Combined with projectiles with terminal guidance, they are capable to be used effectively in engagement ranges of up to two thousand kilometers. While metallic projectiles have been used initially due to her superior performance, use of the Shrivatsa System as defensive system against kinetic energy weapons has lead to the development of ceramic projectiles with metal driving bands that are shed after the projectiles leave the barrel.

Modern combat craft kinetic energy weapons are available in calibers of 35mm up to 275mm.