From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionHannover
Distance from Primary1.23 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites1
Day Length24h 05m
Surface Gravity1.52g
Mean Temperature7C°
Surface Water65%
Age2.8 billion years
Nations (2185)Kaiserliche Republik Hannover
Demographics (2185)356 million

Hanover was settled in 2312 by two groups of german speaking settlers from Terra, with the dream of recreating the Federal Republic of Germany in some way. They were joined by a group of Japanese refugees from the Draconis Combine in 2334, fleeing to the other side of the Terran Hegemony from their original world, following a massacre.

Hanover was a thriving world with contact to its neighbors until 2456, when a 10 km asteroid impacted on the far side of the world from the settled continent of Westfalen, over land, kicking large amounts of dust into the atmosphere. Models of the impact showed it would make the world unlivable, if nothing was done. The government of Hannover sent out its jumpships to get relief material from the Lyrans or the Free Worlds. Sadly, these jumpships were followed by a group of privateer jumpships, who destroyed the jumpships once they reached Hannover and then stole all relief goods.

With Hannover left without any outside help and no way of purchasing more relief goods and systems to attempt to prevent the long asteroid winter, plans were made by a group of engineers around Hermann von Hohenzollern to build several large industrial complexes to clean and maintain the atmosphere as well as large green house areas to keep the populations fed. Simultaneously, technology would slowly fail and reduce their capabilities, so Hannover would need to 'scale down' its technology to a level that could be sustained until the Project was done. And with the failing technology, the worsening weather and the need to rebuild their industrial base, everyone of the population would need to help, leading to the formation of the Arbeitsdienst, where every adult had to work on the various projects for two months yearly.

All these problems were compounded by a slowly failing ecosphere, so that the various projects were projected to need several hundred years. And in the worst years, there would be years, maybe even decades where the temperature would fall down to less than 0° C over the entire year.

The Von Hohenzollern family remained in charge of the projects and slowly became more and more important to the still democratically elected government, until they ended up as hereditary Kaiser in command of the Arbeitsdienst and the armed forces in 2765. The armed forces were needed to try and react to pirate attacks sometimes coming to abduct people and smash technologies.

At the time of their discovery by a WCDC scout squadron, the technology of Hannover had stabilized at a level comparable to the 1910s, with the odd high tech system, like the fusion reactor of Döhren, the planets capital, and some computer systems hidden away deep within a mountain to protect the advanced technological knowledge of the Hannoverians.

These days the government of Hannover is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.


  • Hannover is the first non Walker Cluster WCDC member and recipiant of three Planetary Settlement Kits.
  • In 2354 Michael von Hohenzollern married Mariko Kurita, the granddaughter of the Draconis Combine's founder Shiro Kurita. Mariko's mother Shada had been sentenced to death by her father in 2333, after she did decide to keep Mariko, rather than aborting, leading to Shada and her friends, as well as many dissident to flee the Combine. As such the Von Hohenzollerns are directly related to the Kuritas and have a massive chip on their shoulders about them.