From Growing Horizons

HYDAR is a recent development, after the research team developing the Superluminal Wave Detector noticed strange reflections of Hyperwaves during the initial testing.

By combining a modified Hyperwave Transceiver and an equally modified Superluminal Wave Detector, they were able to determine that the reflections of hyperwaves of specific frequencies, were due to the N Field interactions between N Field reactive elements, like germanium or titanium, and are different for each specific alloy of these materials in combination.

This in turn meant it would be possible to detect the jump cores of a JumpShip or WarShip, the KF Field extender coil of a Dropship collar or the superconducting rings of a Heim-Feynman Event Generator. As it was possible to create a directional beam with the help of a Hyperwave Tranceiver and detect the reflections of the specific material, the combination of the Tranceiver and the Detector could be used to create a Hyperwave Radar, or HYDAR.

The initial generation of HYDAR is only able to cover an area of space of 45° polar and azimuthal angle and over distance of up to 50 AU.