Farnham's Planet

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Farnham's Planet
Geophysical Data
System PositionFarnham
Distance from Primary1.01 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites3
Day Length21h 55m
Surface Gravity0.99g
Mean Temperature11C°
Surface Water77%
Age4.4 billion years
Nations (2185)
  • Commune of Engels
  • Bogdanov Soviet
Demographics (2185)
Commune of Engels 
77 million
Bogdanov Soviet 
81 million

Farnham's Planet was colonized by several groups of communists from various nations in the late 2350s, trying to get far away from the Terran Hegemony, while trying to build a communist utopia. However, from the beginning the attempt was an unmitigated disaster.

First their dropships and jumpships deserted as soon as most of the settlers had been set down, with most of their settlement supplies. When the various leaders tried to come up with a plan how to deal with the desertion, internal philosophical differences, like those between Marxists, Leninists and even some Maoists, broke out it open fighting, when each group tried to come out on top. Relatively quickly the entire endeavor collapsed into anarchy, with the splintering groups moving to different parts of the single continent and setting up their own places to try and set up their own settlements.

Over time these groups developed into small feudal states, each still influenced by socialist and communist ideas. As such there are some noble (Elder, Laird, Particians) elites governing their feudal proles. These nobles are heavily interested in treating their proles the best they can, while the proles work hard to provide for their noble.

Eventually, some groups managed to consolidate themselves around two nations, the Commune of Engels and the Bogdanov Soviet, who are nominally at peace, but regularly are at war , their leaders (Chairman Dabrov for the Commune and Premier Cheng of the Soviet) blaming each other's nation for the failure of the Utopia. Armies are feudal levies that freely follow their nobles into battle for glory and honor. The only times when the two nations cooperate is during Pirate rais that happen once in fifty years.

The technology level of Farnham's Planet is on an early industrial level, with simple repeating firearms and artillery used during the wars between the nations.

The governments are monarchies with a socialist bend.


  • A few years after contact with the WCDC, the two governments of Farnham's Planet began a limited war, based sorely on which of the two nations had better relations to the WCDC.