From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionCraigh
Distance from Primary0.83 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites1
Day Length23h 2m
Surface Gravity1.01g
Mean Temperature11C°
Surface Water55%
Age4.1 billion years
Nations (2185)Poblacht na Craigh
Demographics (2185)412 million

Craigh is a Gaelic-speaking world settled by Irish refugees, leaving the war between the Free Worlds League and the Steward Confederacy behind with chartered jumpships and dropships.

With only two thousand people and little in the way of technology, the first decades of the settlement was all about making sure that everyone would survive and David O'Malley and his sons were most important people to keep the settlers alive. The settlers lost most of their technology during the first decades and had to rebuild it over the next centuries, while sometimes raided by pirates.

Today the technology level of Craigh is comparable to the 1940s on Earth, With primitive tanks and jet planes for defense against the pirates.

The government is a monarchy.