From Growing Horizons
Geophysical Data
System PositionBernstein
Distance from Primary1.05 AU
Planet TypeTerrestrial
Natural Satellites1
Day Length24h 5min
Surface Gravity1.02g
Mean Temperature15C°
Surface Water55%
Age3.4 billion years
Nations (2185)אומה יהודית חופשית (Free Jewish Nation)
Demographics (2185)213 million

Bernstein is a world settled in 2390 by Jewish settlers seeking peace from their original home in Israel, as there were still tensions in the area, even after more than four hundred years.

The first settlement was New Tel Aviv in the shores of a large inland sea, filled with a rich bounty of aquatic life. The settlement developed peacefully, until 2480, when it came to riots of orthodox jews after the government tried to issue laws they saw as intruding into their freedom. These riots quickly became a coup against the existing government, and they instituted a theocratic government instead of the previous democratic government, and broke off any contact with the outside galaxy.

However, much like the various neighboring planets, they eventually came under attack of pirates, forcing the theocratic Council of Rabbis to adapt less orthodox practices and rebuild their armed forces and technology level, which had slipped slowly over the past centuries.

The technology level is comparable to the 1970s, with some advanced technologies.

The government is a theocratic Council of Rabbis.