Advanced Composite Armor

From Growing Horizons

Advanced Composite Armor is a further development of Inner Sphere BattleMech Armor.

Standard BattleMech armor is composed of several layers providing various degrees of protection and support. The first layer is extremely strong titanium alloyed with steel, the result of crystal alignment and radiation treatment, which is also very brittle. The second layer is a ceramic, cubic boron nitride, which combined with a web of artificial diamond fibers acts as a backstop to the steel layer. These two layers rest atop a titanium alloy honeycomb structure which provides support, and a layer of self-sealing polymer sealant which allows for space and underwater operations.

Advanced Composite Armor on the other hand utilizes modern Fabricator technology to improve in several areas, such as the replacement of diamond fibers with carbon nano tubes and graphene, while all alloys are reinforced by the inclusion of graphene fibers.

As such, the Advanced Composite Armor is 110% stronger and resistive against all attacks, while of the same weight and volume.